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Software Freedom Day – Post SFD event at ASMT College Kathmandu


After the huge success of the main event of Software Freedom Day 2016 at Agrawal Bhawan, bunch of volunteers from FOSS Nepal and ASM Penguins celebrated post SFD event at Asian School of Management and Technology (ASMT) by lightening candles and using the…


Software Freedom Day 2016 celebrated with a huge success


Software Freedom Day 2016, Kathmandu by FOSS Nepal Community (Lead by Mr. Manish Marahatta) was a huge success with more than 10 open communities involved which includes Google Business Group (GBG Kathmandu), Open Knowledge Nepal, Wikipedia,, Kathmandu Living Labs, WliT, Kathmandu University…


Software Freedom Day – Pre SFD event at Amrit Campus with FOSS Nepal


Today, we conducted a Pre SFD event at Amrit Campus, Kathmandu as a part of series of Pre SFD events we are conducting in various colleges based on Kathmandu. In the event, there were two presentation sessions given by Roshan Gautam and Arjun…


Software Freedom Day – Pre SFD event at Orchid College Kathmandu by FOSS Nepal


Continuing the series of Pre SFD event, today we conducted a pre sfd event at Orchid International College, Kathmandu. The event was managed by Gokul Ghimire, volunteer at FOSS Nepal Community. He is the student of Orchid International College. There were about 30…