Continuing the series of Pre SFD event, today we conducted a pre sfd event at Orchid International College, Kathmandu. The event was managed by Gokul Ghimire, volunteer at FOSS Nepal Community. He is the student of Orchid International College.


There were about 30 very enthusiastic and interested students in the event. Altogether, there were  three presentation sessions by Roshan Gautam, Arjun Gautam and Sagar Ghimire, active volunteers at FOSS Nepal.

The first session was given by Roshan Gautam, who presented about Software Freedom Day 2016 happening on 17th September. He talked about the world wide celebration of Software Freedom Day and how FOSS Nepal Community won three consecutive SFD celebration world wide. He also enlightened students about benefits of attending Software Freedom Day. Roshan represents Mozilla Nepal Community.


Arjun Gautam, PoC Coordinator at FOSS Nepal Community presented about Free and Open Source Software addressing the question ” Why FOSS ? “. He also talked about how and where the word and vision of open source came from. In his session, students were asked few questions and stickers were provided to those who gave correct answers.


The last presentation was given by Sagar Ghimire, where he presented about the different open software licenses. He informed the audience about how students can join FOSS Nepal Community and start contributing. Sagar represents Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal.


The event was interactive and the audience were very much interested in joining FOSS Nepal Community and start contributing. From this very event, they started a college community in their college.

This event is a part of:

Software Freedom Day
September 17, 2016
Agrawal Hall, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu