Indic Localization Hackathon 2016 is a part of series of localization hackathons happening globe wide. This hackathon focuses on localizing the projects of Mozilla in Indic languages like Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Sinhala and Telegu. Four volunteer localizers from each locale were invited for attending the event at New Delhi, Kathmandu on 24-25 September 2016.

We (Roshan Gautam, Surit Aryal, Avasz Mulmi) represented Mozilla Nepal there and completed some of the crucial activities during the event period. Some of which are listed below:

Nepali Locale Goals

  • Complete/Update the current Style Guide.
  • Improve translation quality with new Transvision tools.
  • Move towards creating a guide to help with Reviewing the Translation.
  • Create Action Plan on how to select new Mozilla Products to Localize.
  • Review Recent Localizations completed via Online Sprints. [Fennec/Desktop]

It was a great stay at The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi with other localizers from three different countries and six different locales. The event lasted for 2 days. The first day started with a joint session with FUEL GILT Conference 2016.


After FUEL GILT Conference, Mozilla l10n hackathon started with the welcome and spectrograms by the official from Mozilla. On the second day, new tool Transvision was introduced describing its features that helps a lot in translation of strings.



Overall, event was fun, interesting and useful. I got lots of things to learn about from awesome people in the event.

Know more about the event from here :