It was fun to meet and welcome new volunteers in the fifth proud year of Mozilla Nepal Community. Lately, we were having difficult time managing the community and making the community super active. So, the main agenda of the event was to rebuild the community with new spontaneous volunteers included. With the handpicked attendees ( based on their contributions and activities), the meetup was successfully conducted.

Thanks Real Time Solutions for the awesome venue.

More about the agendas and event details can be found here.


Altogether (old and new volunteers), there were around 20 participants. Participants comprised of Active LocalizersCampus Club Leaders, Regional Coordinator, Mozilla Reps and few Alumni.

The event started with the introduction of all the participants followed by introductory session of Mozilla Nepal Community Leader Avash Mulmi. He talked about the previous works of the community and how it evolved. He also mentioned the ways we can volunteer in the community.

After the session, as per the agenda, we discussed about building the Functional Teams for Mozilla Nepal Community.  These teams include Local Team Lead and Team members. Below is the list of teams that we built in the event:

  1. Localization Team
    (Rabi Raj Khadka, Roshan Gautam, Nirmal Rijal, Surit Aryal, Sabal Pokharel)
  2. MozActivate Team
    (Abartan Dhakal, Sandesh Bhusal, Kismat Rijal, Rameshwor Dhakal, Mohan Khadka, Swornim Shrestha)mozactivate
  3.  Engagement Team
    (Avash Mulmi, Surit Aryal, Roshan Gautam, Sujit Maharjan)engagement
  4. Campus Team
    (Roshan Gautam and MozActivate Team)campus

After team formation, it was time for a lunch. We enjoyed the most common food MoMo in the lunch break with informal discussions among all the participants.

It was already 1:00 PM and each group started brainstorming on “What to do next and How to do it ?”. The teams were asked to provide outputs of the discussion after 4:PM. Here are the outputs of the discussion by different teams:

1. Localization Team

  • Migrate and help migrate existing localizers from Pootle to Pontoon.
  • Conduct online localization sprint twice a month, offline sprint once in two months.
  • Unblock and continue localization of Firefox Beta (Nightly).
  • Prepare Styleguide for the new localizers.

2. MozActivate Team

  • Plan for the different MozActivate events.
  • Visit colleges with MozActivate activities.
  • List out upcoming events.
  • Increase momentum and help increase number of volunteers through different college events.

3. Engagement Team

  • Build new structure for Mozilla Nepal Team.
  • Help Regional Coordinator in mentoring Campus Clubs.
  • Manage Mozilla Events outside campuses.
  • Brainstorming on new plans.
  • Collect report of their activities from other teams.

4. Campus Team

  • Specifically work for Campus Club Program.
  • Work with MozActivate Team to visit different colleges.

The teams will provide mid-term report of their activities to Engagement Team. After six months, a core team will be formed with the active team members from these team.

Finally, the formal event was concluded with Snickers by Buddhi Raj Tuladhar and a group photo, of course. After this, we went for a dinner and yeah a happy ending.


P.S – The post will be updated with more detail soon.