Hello FSAs,

You are a new Firefox Student Ambassador ? You have formed a new Firefox Club in your college ? And you don’t know how to register the club online to the Mozilla Wiki ?

Today, I am writing this post on how to register Firefox club in the Mozilla Wiki.

Okay, now let’s go stepwise.

Step 1. Request account for Mozilla Wiki (If you haven’t already)

In your browser (Firefox 😀 ), log on to this url, you will see something like this.

Selection_024Now fill the form here precisely and request your account for Mozilla Wiki. You will get email of your request being accepted within two days.

Step 2. Create a page in Mozilla Wiki

This part is little tricky.After you successfully created your Mozilla Wiki account, now log on to your Club page like this (though not created yet)


(* Some_College_Club = Desired name of your club)

Make sure that, you are logged in with your Mozilla wiki account before you continue.

You can see this sort of page when you log on to the url above.


Now, on the right side of the page, you can find “Create” button. Click on it and that will open up the page for actually creating a mozilla wiki page like below.

Selection_026Selection_027Now, write something about the club and in the summary down, write down something (anything you like) and then click button Save page to apply changes.

Bingo!!, You have successfully created your Club page in Mozilla Wiki now which can be accessed via


Step 3: Write content for your club page

For writing content in wiki page, you should follow some instructions which you can get Mediawiki Help Page.

You can also follow this sample for the content of Firefox Club wiki page : ASCOL Firefox Club Wiki Page

If you have any queries, comment below or contact me at [email protected] Thank You.