Okay!! Let’s start by the introduction of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Myagdi . FOSS Myagdi is a open source community in Myagdi district promoting open source products and knowledges. FOSS Myagdi is a independent open community supported by other communities like FOSS Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Wikipedia Nepal, Chitwanix, etc.

We have been conducting various open source related seminars, expos in Myagdi district which includes FOSS ka kura,  Introduction to Open Source Software (in various local schools and colleges), Linux demonstration (Chitwanix OS) and many other awareness programs. After 6 months of its establishment, we celebrated Software Freedom Day 2014 on 20th September 2014.

Before the celebration of Software Freedom Day, in April 2014, we conducted free seminar on “Myagdi ma Suchana Prabidhi ka Awasar” with Chitwanix¬† for school, college students and different professionals working on IT sector in Beni Myagdi. Different presentations related with open source and security were given by different experts.


Recently, we participated in 5th Myagdi Mahotsav by having our own stall. The fair was 9 days long but we had our stall there for 4 days. There were 200+ visitors in the stall. We would like to thanks FOSS Nepal, Wikipedia Nepal, Living with ICT (magazine) and other communities for their support and valuable resources.


Besides, we worked in co-ordination with local web portal Benionline for the live streaming of 5th Myagdi Mahotsav in the special request of non resident Myagdelees in the various part of the world including Australia, Korea, Japan ,etc. We used an open source software called Open Broadcaster Software for live streaming. Source code for the software can be found here.


Above mentioned are some of the major activities done by our community till now. We are completely a volunteer community raising funds whenever required from different local organizations working on IT field.

“Say Yes! to open source, say yes to Anti-pirate world”.

This page will be updated in regular basis.