As a part of #MozActivate campaign of Mozilla, we (Mozilla Nepal) organized “Firefox Add-ons development with WebExtensions API” workshop today (July 8, 2017) with the motive to help participants understand the importance of Addons and how easy it is to make an it with WebExtensions API. The event was sponsored by Toptal and Real Time Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a company based on Kathmandu provided us with the venue. Thanks to both of them.

Event Highlights

  1. There were around 15 participants in the event who built their first Firefox Addons.
    1. Toptal sponsored us with the food for all the participants and thanks RTS Pvt. Ltd for the great venue.
  2. Ravi Chandra Shah from ChapiApp gave a session on “How they are using WebExtensions API in their Product”
  3. Had interaction session with all the participants at the end.

participants at webextensions event mozilla mozactivate mozilla
mozactivate webextensions

The event started with introduction of all the participants followed by my presentation on “Why WebExtensions/Add-ons and why this workshop?”. Then, I introduced WebExtensions API to the participants and started demo on building first Firefox Add-on with WebExtensions API. The demo session lasted for about 2 hours where participants built their own WebExtension Add-on for Firefox. At the end of the session, participants submitted their first add-on on Add-ons store.

roshan webextensions borderify
Following my session, Mr. Ravi Chandra Shah from ChapiApp  talked about his product which is based on WebExtensions. He explained about, “How WebExtensions can be used to build a very comprehensive products?”. His talk was very interesting and motivational.

DSC_0785 DSC_0796

Finally, we invited Mr. Punit Jajodia from Toptal to give a brief information about Toptal and how is it helping communities to make their event successful. He also motivated the participants to apply for the different programs of Toptal and get selected as top freelancers on Toptal. He also talked on how WebExtensions can solve some real world problems.


After all these sessions, it was time for a lunch session. We had Mo:Mo, very common food among the Nepalese. Thanks again Toptal for sponsoring food for the hungry participants.

While thanking Toptal and Punit, I cannot stay without thanking Avasz Mulmi ( Community leader for Mozilla Nepal) and Real Time Solutions for the venue and resources.

The event was then concluded with some networking sessions and greeting each other and yeah the group photo. 🙂


The event wouldn’t be a success without all the volunteers, participants and the sponsors.

Thanking all of the awesome people present there.

Resources from the event: