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First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Roshan Gautam, a student of 4th semester (at the time of writing this article) currently studying BSc CSIT at Amrit Campus and Treasurer at CSIT Association of Nepal(CSITAN). More details about me can be found here if you are interested.

This is a personal blog totally based on my personal views. I will be simply talking about BSc CSIT, Computer Engineering and IT (foreign degree)

BSc.CSIT (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology) is provided by Tribhuwan University which is more than only IT. Here is the brief about the course below.


Course Name :  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Course Duration : 4 years ( 8 semesters)

Credit  hours : minimum 126 hrs (*can be more depending upon the electives you choose)

Eligibility :  2 in science or equivalent with 50% aggregate (*both biology and physical)

                    : should pass entrance exam with at least 35% of marks

Best Part  : Lots of practical and projects, not for only programmers but for IT managers, Systems Analysts, Network Administrator,Researchers,etc too.


Just visit this link if you want to know more about the course.

My story and the motivation:

When I completed my 2 in science with good marks (intentionally mentioned :D), I was in dilemma whether I should join Computer Engineering or BSc.CSIT. With confusion in my mind and pressure from the well wishers, I joined the (bridge course) entrance preparation classes (result of scoring good marks in 2). But I spent most of my time there understanding the courses (similarities and dissimilarities) rather taking the classes. Moreover, I used the time to meet new people of my field and to get involved in some communities.

Finally, it was time to decide whether I choose Engineering or BSc.CSIT. Analysing the things that I discovered during that time and realizing  my interests from the past, I decided to join an IT course (not BSc.CSIT but other foreign courses). But the decision didn’t last long. I joined a lot of seminars, counselling programmes and  even met some related personnels. And finally, once again, I was trapped in dilemma. This time, it wasn’t Engineering or BSc CSIT rather it was BSc CSIT or IT (British degree to be exact).

Dilemma results to dissatisfaction which creates searching habit that leads to satisfaction.  – Guru Roshan

Having belief in above quote, I started meeting experts of the both courses and also pros and cons according to my needs. Crude result of my tiny research was as follows:

IT (Foreign) BSc. CSIT
Syllabus – More programming based, small Syllabus – More diverse, big
Course period – 3 Years Course period – 4 years
College Fee – Expensive College Fee – Less expensive while comparing
Popularity in Nepal – Less Popularity in Nepal – High
Reliability of course according to people – Less Reliability of course according to people – High
Colleges – Less than 10 Colleges – More than 50
Practicals and Projects – High Practicals and Projects – Less

(And more… will update when I recall. )

Hearing from friends, seniors and experts and the research, I finally decided to pursue BSc.CSIT as my Bachelors Degree. Besides my research above, other things that attracted me to join the course are listed below:

  1. More successful seniors in the market.
  2. Strong student communities.
  3. Affiliated to Tribhuwan University (reliability).
  4. Supportive environment

What I suggest for freshers ?

I know you are also confused about what to pursue for your Bachelors degree. It may not be BSc.CSIT or Foreign IT like me but probably BSc.CSIT or Computer Engineering. Whatever it is, what you choose is completely on you. Crudely, you can compare above things for any sort of courses and add other criteria as per need. For e.g for BSc. CSIT and Computer Engineering, another criteria can be Hardware or Software. If you are interested in Hardware more than software, you can join Engineering otherwise, you can follow BSc.CSIT.

Why did Dinosaurs extinct ? Because they couldn’t adapt the changing environment.

Similarly, we are now the dinosaurs of Jurassic world and our field of scope is changing drastically. Yesterday, it was only Desktops, now it’s cloud and it’s surely going to be higher than this in near future. So we should update ourself with changing environment. And in my view, the course that can help  you to adapt the changing environment is BSc.CSIT because the course is very versatile ranging from basic to cloud computing.

Know more about the syllabus from here.

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